Moroccan Rugs: How to Buy Trendy Moroccan Rugs Online

by Fay

I love how Moroccan rugs and poufs can completely transform any space by adding more coziness and warmth. Moroccan rugs are well known for their blast of lively colors, but they also come in all-white minimal styles and patterns.

While it isn’t always possible to cross the oceans to buy a Moroccan rug, one can buy it online and get it shipped to your door instead. And to make it easier for you to find some of the amazing Moroccan rugs online, I’ve put together this guide that includes many online shops.

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Types of Moroccan Rugs

Handwoven Moroccan rugs sold online are generally made by rural Amazigh women. In Morocco, the rugs are traditionally used as practical floor coverings in the house. Now, Moroccan rugs are used for more than to just cover the floor. They are collected as valuable decoration items and a trend in interior decor for designers around the world.

There are several types of Moroccan rugs depending on which area in Morocco they come from. I’ve listed three of the most common types of Moroccan rugs you could find online. The first is my favorite!

Beni Ourain Rugs: Known for their simplicity, and all-white natural colors, the famed Beni Ourain rugs are made in the Middle Atlas Mountains by the Ben Ourain Berber tribe. These distinctive rugs are a perfect choice for people looking for minimalist rugs.

Azilal Rugs: If you love a pop of daring colors and complex geometric shapes, go for Azilal rugs. These hand-knitted rugs are also made in the high Atlas Mountains more specifically in Amazigh tribes of Azilal. Azilal rugs incorporate a lot of flowers, leaves, and plant shapes into their carpet designs.

Boucherouite Rugs: When wool is not around, Boucherouite rugs are born. The Moroccan Boucherouite rugs are low investment rugs that are made of leftover fabric and old clothing. These eco-friendly rugs are usually thinner and less soft than wool-made rugs but they are certainly not lacking any of the captivating designs and the pop of vivid colors.

What is a Moroccan Rug Made of?

The art of weaving and rug making in Morocco is something that is inherited, not studied. It’s passed down from generation to generation and this is how it has been for centuries. Berber Moroccan rugs are usually made of natural sheep wool. Processing the wool is a strenuous process, by hand. It should be cleaned, dyed, and made into different thicknesses then sold for different uses including clothes and rug weaving.

How much time does it take to Make a Moroccan rug?

Depending on the size, the complexity, and the number of women working on it, a Moroccan handmade rug could take from 1 to 6 months of meticulous work to finish.

What to look for when buying Moroccan rugs online

Authenticity: Authenticity would be the first thing to look for in a rug. When buying a Moroccan rug in person it is easy to get the feel of whether it’s authentic or not. A genuine Moroccan rug is undoubtedly handmade but many machine-made rugs are supposed to look like handmade ones. To identify a real Moroccan rug, check for imperfections in knots and size, and fading wool colors. A handmade Moroccan rug isn’t supposed to be perfect.

What is the Rug Made of: Is it made of natural wool, cotton, or fabric.

Where is it made: The origin of the Moroccan rug will tell you a lot about it.

The Age: How old the rug is might be important if you’re looking for a vintage Moroccan rug. The vintage ones you find on the market now are between 20 to 30 years old. The older it gets the more expensive it becomes.

The Price of the rug: The price of the rug is decided based on the materials, the origin and the age.

Shipping options: Buying a Moroccan rug online requires shipping. One of the best practices of buying a Moroccan rug online is to choose the option with shipping included.

Moroccan Rug Prices Online

Stating the obvious: Moroccan rugs aren’t cheap at all, especially when buying them online. Whether it’s vintage or not it will cost you a little fortune for sure. The good thing is that Moroccan rugs are an investment that is worth making. Having a unique piece of furniture that you’re proud of in your home gives you a kind of self-satisfaction. At least this is what I feel, being obsessed with rugs.

While all authentic Moroccan rugs are expensive, you must decide how much you want to spend on a rug. Vintage rugs are certainly not budget-friendly as they can go up to $5000, depending on how old they are. However, new rugs cost between $500 and $2000 depending on the size, material, patterns and origin.

One of the important factors that increase the price of Moroccan rugs online is the shipping. Shipping fees from Morocco to the U.S. are insanely expensive in the regular post not to mention the special couriers such as DHL and UPS. For instance, a medium-sized rug could cost up to $300 shipping to the US via DHL.

Where to Buy Moroccan Rugs Online?

With thousands of online shops selling Moroccan rugs, it is hard to find the right one for you. I’ve gathered some of my favorite websites that sell authentic rugs made in Morocco. While a few of these shops are US or UK-based, the other shops are based in Morocco and they can deliver to your door. In any case, all shops sell awesome genuine Moroccan rugs that I personally like and recommend.

Online Shops to Buy Awesome Moroccan Rugs

Beni Ourain Carpets: The Moroccan-based online shop on Etsy sells amazing Beni Ourain Moroccan rugs with shipping included. Check it out.

Boutique Maroc: Boutique Maroc in the UK is another small online shop that has a lovely collection of Moroccan rugs from different regions, Beni Ourain, Azilal, Ourika and many more.

Coco Carpets: With a large collection of Moroccan rugs and pillows, the U.S.A-based shop Coco Carpets is known for its authentic vintage rug pieces. Shipping in the US is free.

We Berber: Another great Moroccan shop on Etsy, We Berber is located in Khmessat town near Casablanca. They have their own team to create custom rugs.

What do you think about our Moroccan rugs post, was it helpful? Did you find your dream rug yet?

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