Does it Snow in Morocco? Yes, check out these cool snow destinations

by Fay

There is a misconception that it doesn’t snow in Africa. People associate Africa with desert, safari and the hot sun. However, this is the furthest from reality.

It does snow in Africa, and Morocco receives its fair share of snow in the winter months, specifically in its mountainous regions, which constitute a large and important part of the country.

So, if you thought that Morocco can’t be an epic winter snow destination, think again. Here is everything you need to know about snow in Morocco.

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Where does it Snow in Morocco?

There are many regions that receive snow in Morocco at some time or another, depending on how cold the season is. However, if you go to one of these 4 amazing destinations you are guaranteed to experience an avalanche of snow.

In fact, two of them are established ski resorts in Morocco. Yes, you heard correctly, you can go skiing in Morocco!

1. Oukaimden


Located about 80 km away from Marrakech, Oukaimden is a Moroccan village tucked in the High Atlas mountains. This well-known snow destination in Morocco is one of the top ski resorts in Africa as it features the highest chairlift on the whole continent.

Oukaimden welcomes its visitors with a lot of snow, seven chairlifts, several ski shops and restaurants serving delicious Moroccan food.

When to go? If you are looking to catch the snow in Oukaimden, January and February are good times to go.

However, it is better to avoid weekends during these months as the place will be packed with locals coming from nearby locations such as Marrakech.

How to get there? To reach Oukaimden ski resort, head to Ourika velley toward Stti Fatma village.

Things to do? If you are not a fan of skiing like me you can just walk in snowy nature, shop for some Moroccan souvenirs, and taste the mouthwatering food.

2. Ifrane


Known among locals with the name of “Switzerland of Morocco”, Ifrane is located in the middle Atlas mountains region of northern Morocco.

My first time in Ifrane was a huge surprise. The city is uniquely different from other cities in Morocco. The western architecture, the alpine climate, and the Berber vibes will quickly wake up your senses once you enter the city. Ifrane is also a snow destination and has one of the best ski resorts in Morocco, Michlifen resort.

When to go? Ifrane experiences snow every year from as early as October and lasting well into spring. To be sure, any time between December and March is a good time to visit Ifrane for snow.

How to get there? To get to Ifran you can either rent a car and enjoy the freedom of stopping along the way or using public transport.

Fez and Meknes are the closest big cities to Ifrane, so you can easily take a Grand taxi or a CTM bus to get there.

Things to do? There is a lot to do in Ifrane other than enjoying the snow. You can visit Ifrane National Park, spot the wild monkeys in the cedar forests, or enjoy your stay at a spa resort.

3. Imlil


In winter, Imlil village transforms into the white pearl of the Atlas mountains. The snow impressively covers the trees and the tiny houses tucked in the mountains to create a splendid picture that one can lose track of time when marveling at.

Imlil village is a cool escape from the heat of Marrakech in summer and a cold haven for snow lovers in winter. However, Imlil is not really a place for skiing.

When to go? To enjoy snow in Imlil, you should go in the winter season, preferably in January or February.

How to get there? Imlil is 60 km from Marrakech. You can easily get there using a shared Grand Taxi or a private one. The trip will take about 60 to 70 minutes.

Things to do? If you are an adventurer, you can hire a local guide and climb the snowy Jebel Toubkal or just enjoy a cold escape from the Medina in Marrakech by experiencing the local life of Imlil.

4. Midelt

Midelt is a Moroccan town located between the High Atlas and the Middle Atlas mountain ranges. This little town in Morocco has a mix of desert and snow climate that makes it quite exceptional and intriguing to visit.

Midelt’s high elevation (1508 meters) makes it one of the highest towns in Morocco.

When to go? Snow in Midelt is common in winter (December through February). Temperatures can get very cold in the region, dropping to -10.

How to get there? There are intercity buses and Grand Taxis from different cities in Morocco such as Fez, Meknes, Casablanca, and Marrakech.

Things to do? Midelt is all surrounded by mountains which makes it great for trekking and sunset watching.

Plus, there are multiple day tours from the town but if you prefer staying local visit the workshop Kasbah Meryem to see how the traditional Moroccan products are handmade.

Final Thoughts

Morocco has a vastly diverse and unique climate where you can enjoy different experiences. In Morocco, you can not only swim at lovely beaches, climb the green mountains, and watch the stars in the desert but you also have the opportunity to enjoy skiing and have fun in the snow.

So, do you think Morocco would make a great winter vacation destination or not? I would love to see your thoughts in the comments below. Cheers!

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