Where to stay in Casablanca in 2021-best neighborhoods

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Casablanca is the place to be in Morocco. It is by far the largest and busiest city and offers the widest variety of shopping, dining and cool things to do. Casablanca is not a tourist paradise like Marrakech but it still needs to be part of your Morocco trip, even if for just a day. These are the best places to stay in Casablanca, and some interesting things to do.

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Anfa, known for Anfaplace Shopping Center, is a leafy area in Casablanca located between the beachfront and the city center. The district is now named Casa-Anfa and it represents one of the upper-class areas with western-like vibes and culture in Casablanca.

Anfa accommodates the most modern and prestigious residential complexes, high-end shops, several entertainment facilities such as golf and beach clubs. Despite being one of the modern areas in Casablanca, Anfa hides an ancient history that dates back to the 10th century BC. Anfa was first established by the Berbers in Medieval Times. The area was named Anfa which means “the top” in the Berber language.

Anfa benefits from the strategic location in the city neighboring Ain Diab and the center of Casablanca. It boasts everything from beaches, plentiful fancy restaurants to historic landmarks and world-famous hotels.

Anfa neighberhood Map

Where to stay in Anfa?

Four Seasons Hotel in Casablanca is a great option if you want to spend some time in the area of Anfa. The hotel is located in Anfaplace Living Resort which offers an amazing sea view and close proximity to the Anfaplace Shopping Center.

Located also in the Anfaplace Living Resort complex on the oceanfront Corniche, the Pestana Casablanca has direct beach access, a swimming pool, and on-site restaurants. Most rooms have a separate living room, bedroom, and kitchenette, making it a good choice for families.

Things to do in and around Anfa

  • Shop in “Centre commercial Anfaplace”
  • Visit Hassan II mosque

Places to see in and around Anfa

  • Royal Golf Anfa
  • Anfaplace Shopping Center
  • Hassan II Mosque

Where to eat in Anfa

  • Le Skybar Restaurant
  • Roosevelt cafe
  • Cafe Bianca

Is Anfa safe to stay in?

Anfa is one of the safest areas to stay in with many fancy residential areas as well as a few hotel options. You can walk around the area, and you’ll never feel like you’re in danger. It’s not the best choice for sightseeing, shopping in traditional Souqs and markets though, but you can easily access other neighborhoods with small taxis or public transport.

Ain Diab

Home to the fashionable stretch of coastline known as La Corniche, Ain Diab is a vibrant, affluent part of town. Creperies, shawarma cafes, and posh French restaurants are among the dining options, while trendy nightclubs keep the party going until dawn. Alongside a cluster of upmarket beach clubs, Plage Lalla Meryem and Plage Ain Diab are long expanses of sand backed by snack bars and ice cream parlors.

Ain Diab in Casablanca is a beachside neighborhood in Casablanca. The best place to stay in if you are a nightlife lover. Ain Diab is famous for its vibrant nightlife, busy bars, and nightclubs. This area is also a great place for sunset lovers as it accommodates some of the prestigious restaurants offering beautiful views of the ocean and sunset.

Ain Diab is not only a popular place for luxury stay and nightlife but also a cultural and art destination for many. Located at Ain Diab beach, the Mausoleum of Marabout Sidi Abderrahman attracts artists, musicians, and visitors every year looking to interact with Casablanca’s culture and art heritage.

Ain Diab neighberhood Map

Where to saty in Ain Diab?

For what it offers, Ain Diab is one of the most expensive places to stay in Casablanca. There are many places to consider if you want to stay in the affluent Ain Diab. Ocean Park Appart Hotel is my favorite. Very close to Morocco Mall and the corniche, Ocean Park Appart Hotel is my favorite and offers a combination of great services from comfortable rooms, great food, and 5 stars service.
Hôtel Club Val d’Anfa is your hotel to go to if you want to stay near both Ain Diab and Anfa. The hotel is located in Boulevard La Corniche, offering views of the beach and the vast swimming pool. Hôtel Club Val d’Anfa has several restaurants, each serving a variety of Moroccan and international dishes.

Things to do in and around Ain Diab

  • Day tour to Hassan II Mosque
  • Take a swim in Ain Diab beach
  • Enjoy a meal or a snack in one of the restaurants with a beach

Places to see and around Ain Diab

  • La corniche
  • Tamaris Private Beach

Where to eat in Ain Diab?

  • Rick’s Cafe
  • Le Boudoir (Lounge)
  • Frederic Cassel
  • Basmane Restaurant

Is Ain Diab Safe to stay in?

Ain Diab is definitely a safe area to spend a few days in Casablanca. The area is busy during the day and even more lively at night. Public transportation options are relatively abundant for those not staying at a hotel where concierge can help with arranging transport.

Old Medina

Old Medina Clock Tower

The old Medina is situated in the Sour Jdid neighborhood that offers close access to the Hassan II Mosque landmark and the corniche. For those looking for a unique and challenging experience in Morocco, the Old Medina is the place for them. The Old Medina in Casablanca is primarily inhabited by locals in compact streets and houses.

This ancient neighborhood has one of Casablanca’s most busy Souks called Bab Marrakech. The Souq is a popular destination for tourists looking to experience a mini Jemaa El Fena Souk. Several local shops are lined up in the narrow streets calling and waiting for tourists to check their Moroccan handicrafts and souvenirs.
The Old Medina is a central place to stay if you are visiting Casablanca.

It borders the city center and Sour Jdid neighborhood. Therefore, it offers easy access to public transportation and some of the good hotel options located just in the outskirts of the ancient Medina.

Old Medina neighberhood map

Where to stay in Old Medina?

Very close to the Old Medina there are several markets and cafes. The Hyatt Regency Casablanca is one of the options for accommodation. Another option which is the Sheraton Casablanca Hotel & Towers, which is recommended for business travelers. It is also close to the Old Medina and most landmarks are within walkable distances.

Things to do in and around Old Medina

  • Shop at Bab Marrakech Souq
  • Visit Habous

Places to see in and around Old Medina

  • Old Medina Clock Tower
  • Habous Neighborhood
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral

Where to eat in Old Medina

Princiere, Café Antic Palais
  • La Sqala ($$)
  • Le Riad ($$)
  • Antic Cafe Princiere ($)

Is Old Medina safe to stay in?

Casablanca Medina is the perfect choice for first-time visitors and travelers. It has instant access to vibrant nightlife, restaurants, cafes, and tourist attractions in Casablanca. Plus, it’s a strategic base for anyone who wants to explore the surrounding neighborhoods such as Maarif, Habous, and Ain Diab which are easily accessed using public transport. Old Medina is a central location, so the accommodation there is a little bit more expensive than in the surrounding areas. 


Also known as New Medina, Habbous is packed with open-air markets or souks where shoppers bargain for clothes, fabrics, and Moroccan staples like olives and dried fruits. Traditional patisseries sell almond pastries and stuffed dates. Open for guided tours, Mahkama du Pacha is a Moorish-style government building with mosaics, courtyards, and carved cedar ceilings.

This colonial part of the city that was built by the French is worth a visit, even if one cannot stay there. One can stroll in the ancient streets and admire the architectural wonders and ornate buildings from colonial times.

Public transportation in the Habous area is widely available, linking this neighborhood to the Old Medina and Maarif which is another upscale area to consider staying in when you visit Casablanca.

Habous also hosts one of the Royal Palaces. Casablanca isn’t the capital of Morocco but it is said that this palace is where the king stays when he is in town. The palace is not open to the public, so people only get to admire the architecture of the exterior, and photographs are strictly not allowed.

Habous neighberhood map

Where to stay in Habous?

There aren’t any hotel options in Habous neighborhood that you can consider. The only available type of accommodation is mid-range to upscale apartments with prices starting as low as $22 a night.

Things to do in and around Habous

  • Shop at local markets located in Habous Quarter
  • Drink tea at the local restaurants
  • Admire the area’s architecture
  • Taste the Moroccan traditional food at Zeyna restaurant

Places to see in and around Habous

  • The Royal Palace
  • Parc Murdoch
  • Habous Quarter
  • Shopping Mall Habous

Where to eat in Habous?

Habous is full of local cafes serving the famous Moroccan mint tea and many small traditional souks. However, there a few good restaurants to try authentic Moroccan food.

Is Habous safe to stay in?

Habous is definitely very safe to stay in but it is hard to find accommodation in the area.


One of the city’s most Westernized areas, Maârif has a busy shopping district with international fashion and sportswear brands, and eateries including fast-food chains, taco spots, traditional bakeries, and Italian trattorias. Unique in the Arab world, the Jewish Museum exhibits finely wrought decorative objects and Judeo-Moroccan manuscripts.

The Mohamed V Stadium fills up for club and international soccer games. Maarif neighborhood borders Anfa districts which make it another strategic place that is worth considering when deciding where to book your stay in Casablanca.

Mohamed V Stadium is one of Maarif’s anchored attractions which makes it a good choice if you wanna watch a soccer game while in Morocco. The neighborhood is also famous for its high-end fashion and sportswear shops. Once you are finished with strolling the brand shops head to one of the international or local restaurants or fast food options. Maarif also features many cozy cafes where you can taste Moroccan coffee.

Maarif neighberhood map

Where to stay in Maarif?

There are multiple and reasonable choices when it comes to hotels in Maarif.

Things to do in and around Maarif

  • Watch a football game at Mohamed V Stadium
  • Shop at the fashion and sportswear shops in central Maarif
  • Order a Nous-Nous coffee at one of the coffeeshops

Places to see in and around Maarif

  • Jewish Museum
  • Maarif old markets and shops

Where to eat in Maarif?

  • Moumni Tacos restaurant ($)
  • Le médina Maarif ($)

Is Maarif safe to stay in?

Maarif is safe for both families and travelers. In fact, we feel comfortable walking here at any time of the day and at night especially since it stays quite busy at night.


There are several lovely places to stay in Morocco, regardless of your budget. Casablanca is the place you go to to experience a day in the life of a Moroccan city dweller. It offers both traditional and historical attractions, in addition to new and emerging trends. It is the business, intellectual and cultural hub of Morocco.


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