Top Things to Do in Asilah, Morocco

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Are you visiting Asilah city in Morocco and wondering what to do and see? This article will take you on a virtual trip through the beautiful Medina alleys, white-watched buildings, and historical sites of Asilah.

This Asilah guide will include:

  • What to do in Asilah
  • Where to stay in Asilah
  • Where to eat in Asilah
  • How to get to Asilah
  • Day trips from Asilah

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

Why Asilah, Morocco?

Asilah is a beautiful coastal town in Morocco that is teeming with beauty and history. It is known for its blue walls, white houses, and lovely beaches. If you’re looking for an escape to the Mediterranean coast, Asilah should be at the top of your list!

The city of Asilah is a popular tourist destination in Morocco, and there are plenty of things to do in this charming town. From exploring the old Medina to relaxing on the beach and everything in between.

This little cute town is just 45 minute drive by car from Tangier, so you can easily make it a quick day trip from Tangier or even spend a few days here to explore everything Asilah has to offer.

Is Asilah worth visiting?

A big YES to that question. Asilah is one of those places where you can easily spend a relaxed and chilled weekend without spending much money.

Asilah is known for its white-washed buildings and calm atmosphere

Unlike Marrakech and Fez, Asilah is a small quiet town, which makes it the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of big cities.

This sleepy town, however, does come alive during the Asilah Arts Festival, which is held every year in July/August. During this time, Asilah becomes a lively town with artists from around the globe coming to Asilah to showcase their art.

Top things to do in Asilah Morocco

Wander around Asilah’s old Medina

The Asilah Medina is an old town and it is absolutely beautiful. The Medina is full of narrow streets, small shops, and lovely doors and windows. Going from Marrakech vibes to Asilah is like night and day. Asilah is bright, colorful, and much more relaxed.

asilah old medina street
Asilah morocco medina street

The narrow alleys of the Medina are mostly pained in white and all shades of blue. And the colorful doors and windows make Asilah Medina one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable places in Morocco.

Visit Asilah Corniche

It is really lovely to just wander around and get lost in the Asilah Medina but if you need a break from all the colors and beauty of the town, head over to the Asilah Corniche.

corniche view in asilah city in morocco

The Asilah Corniche is a beautiful promenade that goes around the Asilah harbor. It is a great place to relax, people-watch, and enjoy the fresh sea breeze.

There are plenty of cafes and restaurants along the Asilah Corniche where you can enjoy a refreshing drink or bite to eat

Eat fish at Asilah harbor

Food in Asilah is not as varied as in other parts of Morocco but you will still be able to find some decent places to eat serving traditional Moroccan food. However, the best food to try in Asilah is fish.

To do that, head over to Asilah Port XIV Restaurant. They serve “all fresh from the boat” seafood dishes that are absolutely delicious.

Attend Asilah Arts Festival (The Cultural Moussem of Asilah)

If you happen to be in Asilah during the summer season (July/ August), you will be able to enjoy the Asilah Arts Festival. This is a month-long event that features local and international artists. During the Asilah Arts Festival, the town comes to life with colors, music, and art.

a painted wall in Asilah

Before the festival, the walls of the city are white-washed (from the previous art graffiti) and selected artists from all over the world come to Asilah to paint them.

Even if you’re not into arts, it is still a great experience to see the transformation of the city and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere during the Asilah Arts Festival.

a random door in asilah morocco

But if you miss the time of the festival, don’t worry. You can still enjoy all the beautiful graffitis and paintings all over Asilah.

Visit Msoura (Mzoura) stone circle

Just outside Asilah, you will find the Msoura stone circle. This is a megalithic site that consists of about 40 stones that are arranged in a circle.

The Msoura stone circle is believed to be the tomb of the giant Antaeus and it is one of the most important megalithic sites in Morocco.

The site is not well-preserved and there is not much to see but it is still an interesting place to visit if you’re interested in ancient history and megalithic sites.

And it is also a great place to enjoy the views of Asilah and the surrounding villages.

The Ramparts of Asilah

Asilah is a fortified town and it has a great set of city walls that you can explore. Built largely in the 15th century by the Portuguese, Asilah walls are about 18 kilometers long and they are well-preserved.

asilah morocco old walls
a gate in the old walls of asilah morocco

There are a few gates that you can enter and explore the Asilah ramparts. And from the top of the walls, you will get a great view of Asilah town and the surrounding area.

The Church of San Bartolome

If you’re interested in architecture, you should definitely visit the Church of San Bartolome. This is a beautiful 16th-century church that was built by the Portuguese.

The Church of San Bartolome is located in the Asilah Medina and it is one of the most important historical buildings in the city.

Enjoy the arts at the galleries

Asilah is also known for its gallery arts. There are many street galleries all over Medina, and they are often local artists exhibiting their stunning work. The paintings featuring the local architecture, landscapes, and the people of Asilah are definitely worth checking out!

Shop at the Kherazine street

If you are interested in Moroccan handicrafts, Kherazine street in Asilah is the place to be. From pottery to hand-woven rugs and jewelry, you can find it all here.

The prices are reasonable compared to the Souk in Marrakech, and it is a great place to pick up Moroccan souvenirs for friends and family back home.

Kherazine street is not only for shopping but also one of the must-see places in Asilah. It is one of the most beautiful streets in Medina. The white calls along the street are amazingly decorated with displays of colorful rugs, lanterns, and other traditional Moroccan handicrafts.

Spend a day at the beach

Asilah is known for its calm and clean beaches. When the weather is perfect for swimming and sunbathing, the beaches here are definitely worth a visit.

There are several different beaches to choose from but Paradise beach (Kahf Lehmam) is the most popular.

It is located just outside of town and can be reached by taking a taxi or a petit taxi.

Day trips from Asilah, Morocco

Take a day trip to Tangier

As I mentioned before, Asilah is just a 45-minute drive from Tangier. Tangier is a much larger city but it is still worth visiting for a day.

There are plenty of things to do in Tangier, from exploring another vibrant old medina to taking a ferry ride to Spain. If you have time, I would also recommend visiting the American Legation Museum and the Hercules Caves.

tangier city

Visit the small town of Chefchaouen

Chefchaouen is another lovely little town in Morocco that is known for its blue-painted houses. It is a great place to wander around, take photos, and enjoy the small-town vibe.

Chefchaouen is about a two-hour drive from Asilah but it is definitely worth visiting if you have the time.

chefchaouen city

Where to stay in Asilah, Morocco

There are plenty of accommodation options in Asilah, from hostels to guesthouses and Airbnbs. I would recommend staying in the Asilah Medina so that you can be close to all the action. Some of the best places to stay in Asilah are:

Christina’s House

Christina’s House is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly place to stay. The guest hotel is located in the Asilah Medina. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and a host is an awesome person. Check the availability and price of Christina’s House

Asilah 32

If you want an entire place for you right by the beach, check out Asilah 32. They have multiple one and two-bedroom apartments. The place is just a one-minute walk from the beach and about five minutes from the Medina. They have a restaurant and a very accommodating staff. Check the availability and price of Asilah 32

Riad Oasis d’Asilah

Whoever knows me, knows that I love staying at a Moroccan Riad. Riad Oasis d’Asilah is absolutely beautiful, and it’s in a great location. It’s located in the corner of the Medina so all the attractions are within walking distance. The staff is great, and they have a pool on the roof! Check the availability and price of Riad Oasis d’Asilah

Where to eat in Asilah

The best place to eat in Asilah is the local restaurant located just outside the main gate of the old city, Bab Al Kasbah.

Asilah is a town that’s known for its seafood and the best dish to try is the grilled fish, mainly sardines but you can choose any type of fish you like.

Eating in Asilah is very affordable you order a full meal at a local restaurant for less than $5.

How to get to Asilah Morocco

Now that you know where you are staying in Asilah let’s get you there. Asilah is located in northwest Morocco on the Atlantic coast.

Get to Asilah by car

The nearest city to Asilah is Tangier. It is about a 45-minute drive. The A5 road leading to the city is in good condition and there are plenty of parking options once you arrive in Asilah.

You even have a parking spot offered by your hotel if it’s not deep in the Medina.

Asilah is about midway between Rabat and Tangier if you’re driving. So, driving from Rabat is also possible. It’s a two hours drive on the same road (A5).

Hiring a car in Morocco can be quite expensive but it’s very convenient for people who like to have the freedom to move around. If you can’t hire a car or dive in Morocco, there are plenty of ways to get to Asilah.

Get to Asilah by Taxi

If you are coming from further away cities like Fez or Marrakech, you can take a bus or a train to Tangier and then get a grand taxi to Asilah.

The ride from Tangier to Asilah should cost you no more than $2 per person in a Grand taxi (Shared taxis in Morocco). But you can also hire a whole taxi for yourself but expect to pay about $20 at least.

Get to Asilah by Bus

Another way to get to Asilah by public transport is by taking a CTM bus or Supratours Bus from Tangier and different cities in Morocco to Asilah. You can the availability, schedule, and price of fares on their websites.

Booking is also possible online with the CTM bus.

Get to Asilah by train

A train is a good option if you’re coming from Rabat or Casablanca since it’s only a two and half hours ride maximum to Tangier on the high-speed train (TGV).

From Tangier, you continue to Asilah by train. You need to take another train as the TGV does not go all the way to Asilah.

The train ride from Tangier to Asilah costs around $4 and then the taxi ride from Asilah train station to Medina will cost you around $1 in a petit taxi (Small taxi).

Get to Asilah by plane

If you are flying into Asilah, the nearest airport is Tangier-Ibn Battouta Airport (TNG). From the airport, you can either take a taxi or the train or rent a car to Asilah.

Read more about Public transport in Morocco.


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