The Ultimate Morocco Travel Guide

by Fay

Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean from the West and the Mediterranean Sea from the North. Morocco is just a wonderful blend of different cultures; Berber (Amazigh), Arabian, and European.

These three main cultures shape the unique identity of the more progressive country in North Africa. Morocco is known for its diversity. Each city holds a different and distinctive sense of culture and architecture. Morocco is a land of teeming oceans, beautiful beaches, and rugged mountains. It is also famous for its Sahara desert, a hot and desolate expanse of sand dunes as far as the eye can see.

What are the most popular cities to visit?

The country has fascinated millions of visitors over the decades. With all the tourist attractions full of beauty and charm, trust me, you will never feel bored in Morocco.

Here is a list of our favorite cities to help you plan your next trip to Morocco.


The most famous tourist destination of all time. Known for its warm weather during summer and that’s perfectly good for warm-weather-lovers like me.

Also, the illustrious traditional Souk Jama El-Fana, located in the heart of the old city. Where you can experience the most amazing and unique shopping experience during the day, and enjoy the extravagant feeling of nightlife, from sampling from a large choice of authentic street food to listening to music and dancing with the local musicians.

It is also home to mosques, iconic symbols, gardens, and more to discover when you are there.


This UNESCO World Heritage site is located East of the capital, Rabat. It is one of my favorite cities. It’s a quiet city, not known by many tourists.

Meknes holds 2 different points of interest: an ancient one called the old Medina and the new city. The old Medina has plenty to offer to its inquisitive guests. From historical gates to remarkable sights, mosques, museums. On the other hand, the new Medina accommodates the modern aspects of life and Moroccan culture.

Apart from sightseeing, you will find Local markets where you can shop for traditional products such as Jellabas, shoes –Balgha– and bags at a reasonable price, when compared to other cities.

Recommended monuments:  Bab Al-Mansour gate, Hedim Square, The Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, The prison of Qara -habss Qara.

Chafchaouen / Chaouen

A blue narrow street in Chefchaouen

Do you like old blue buildings? If yes Chaouen city is your next magical blue destination to get lost in. If not, it is still the perfect place to get lost. Chafchaouen is a small city painted in the shades of the sky. YES, the whole city is blue.

Chafchaouen, also referred to as The Blue Pearl, is located in the Rif Mountains. A wonderful glitch of blue and green. This mysterious little city is just two hours from the famous Tangier and three hours from Fez. Some people visit Chafchouen as a day trip from Fez or Tangier but I recommend you to spend at least one night there.

Chafchaouen is Instagram-famous, and a dream come true for photographers. It doesn’t have many attractions to explore aside from the blue vibes but it’s a perfect place for people who want a relaxing place where they can perfectly enjoy the Moroccan hospitality, mountain views, and an early morning mint tea.

Merzouga /Moroccan Sahara

Kasbah Amridil

Discovering the Sahara on the hump of a camel has always been the Moroccan desert dream experience for so many tourists. Waking up early and watching the sunrise in this landscape is a breath-taking experience.

Whether you decide to rent a car or take part in a group / private trip, you must allow yourself to a 3 to 4 days to this discover this stunning southern landscape.

You will get to see, on the way, so many beautifully surprising attractions such as the Atlas Mountains  Ait ben Haddou, Ouarzazate city, Dadès Valley,  Todra Gorges.

At Merzouga, you will get a chance to experience camel rides while wandering in the beauty of the Erg Chebbi dunes, jump into a 4X4 for a desert adventure, enjoy a night-party in a desert camp with tented accommodation, and most importantly, savor the local food.

Cultural things to try

Moroccan Couscous served in a Tajine

We always dream to travel more and discover more of this diverse world just to try different things so that we could satisfy our human instinct of loving new and insightful experiences.

Morocco is revered by most due to its diversity. The word boring doesn’t take place in such a culture-rich country, full of historical attractions, the most loved ethnic food and so many more reasons you should visit this beautiful country.

Try our Moroccan cuisine

The tasty food is what keeps us *happy* for the rest of the day, especially if it’s Moroccan food. You can start with an early typical breakfast served with mint tea and Moroccan pastries. At launch time, the Moroccan Tajine and/or the famous Couscous dish is a must-eat in morocco, and finish your day with a Harira /Moroccan soup.

Shopping in traditional souk

In every Moroccan city, you are definitely going to find one traditional souk somewhere, probably more. These markets are filled with whatever you can think of like leather, carpets, tea sets, clothes, spices, lamps, home decor, natural beauty products, and a large choice of touristy gifts and memories for you and your loved ones.

Find your souk and be ready to haggle very hard to get good deals.

Moroccan Hammam

The Moroccan Hammam is one of the activities that is made for people that want to be spoiled and pampered. It’s an unforgettable unique experience that has become synonymous with Morocco. A Hamman is a steam room or a spa room that we Moroccan people use to cleanse ourselves on a weekly basis. You can choose between the traditional/public one and the ones in a hotel that are private and quite modern. But for an authentic Hammam experience, I recommend a public Hammam.

Strolling through the ancient streets

Use a map and take a care-free walk to discover the city while looking for famous sights, Bazaars, taste the street food, take pictures.

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