27 Turkish Online Shopping Websites

by Fay

Are you looking for Turkish online shopping websites? I have put together more than 25 different online shopping websites in Turkey where you can safely purchase anything you need.

Online shopping has become more popular than ever. In fact, it has become a necessary evil. Even people, like me, that hate online shopping, are forced to explore the options which range from groceries to furniture.

Also, with online shopping becoming widespread and competitive in Turkey, many people have really taken to this new craze. So, let’s explore the different options we have to shop online in Turkey.

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turkish online shopping websites

Before you read on – we have various resources about Turkey. For instance, check out the following:

Famous Turkish Online Shopping Websites

Trendyol, Hepsiburada, and n11 are the top three online stores for everything you can think of. From clothes, cosmetics to kitchen stuff, furniture, and stationery. All of them have reasonably good service.

Trendyol (Trendyol.com)

Trendyol is the most popular and reliable website for online shopping in Turkey. This Turkish online website is famous for good deals from thousands of brands including electronics, clothing, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and even groceries and ready meals deliveries. They also have their own clothing brands and an in-house delivery network.

Trendyol is very much loved in Turkey as they provide the best online shopping experience to their customers. Products can be delivered right to your door in 3 to 1 week. Trendyol has a mobile app for both IOS and Android.

Hepsiburada (hepsiburada.com)

Hepsiburada is also another reliable Turkish online shopping store with more than 4,5 million product varieties. They offer an easy and simple shopping experience with competitive prices. Heprsiburada kept up with the competition and added grocery shopping to its online shopping platform.

n11 (n11.com)

The giant N11 online website brings thousands of brands and stores to millions of customers. Established in 2013, n11 has become well-known for its variety of electronics and home items. N11 is a great alternative to Trednyol and Hepsiburada and it also offers good discounts and payment options.

Gittigidiyor (gittigidiyor.com)

The Turkish online store Gittigidiyor was purchased by eBay. Gittigidiyor offers a wide variety of products, deals with very competitive prices. Their delivery and payment services are reliable. The company is well trusted in Turkey.

Amazon (amazon.com.tr)

The giant online store Amazon launched its services in Turkey in 2018. But unfortunately, it doesn’t offer as much as the USA Amazon offers. Yes, they have pretty good deals on products sometimes but it’s just not enough compared to the variety of products you can get from other online Turkish websites.

Price comparison

All the previously mentioned online stores offer similar products if not the same to choose from, which is confusing and time-consuming. That’s where Cimri and Akakçe online websites come in very handy.

Both websites automatically search the same products listed on different websites and compare their prices to offer you the lowest. Isn’t that helpful? Instead of wasting time looking and comparing prices try out these two Turkish websites.

Turkish online shopping websites for food

There are many famous delivery service apps in Turkey. I have listed two of the most trusted and used ones.

Yemeksepeti (yemeksepeti.com)

is an online food delivery service. It currently operates in 69 cities in Turkey and in Cyprus. Its restaurant network includes most global and domestic brands. You can place your order via iPhone, Android, mobile web, or online. The app comes in English and they also have a chat service in case you have any complaints or questions. Yemeksepeti uses your GPS location to display the nearest restaurants with their listings.

Getir (getir.com)

is another great alternative for quick delivery. They also offer a delivery service for grocery shopping. Getir online services are offered in 6 Turkish cities only: Istanbul, İzmir, Ankara, Bursa, Kocaeli, and Bodrum. The world Getir in Turkish means “Get”. The company’s concept is to make everything available for its customers with one click.

Turkish online shopping websites for groceries

In Turkey, many supermarkets offer door delivery services and with some of them, you can pay at the door. Carrefour and Migros are a few of my favorites online websites to shop for my weekly groceries. They have a wide variety of local and international brands.

Happy center (happycenter.com.tr)

Happy Center is another reliable alternative to Migros. The minimum purchase to deliver is 50TL and a credit card is not required to shop. They have the payment at the door option


A101 is known for cheap prices and good deals. A101 stores are widely spread across Turkey and it also offers online shopping and delivery services.

Sok (sokmarket.com.tr)

Sok is also another great alternative to A101. Affordable prices, good deals, and discounts.

Yenir (yenirapp.com)

I’ve recently come across this Turkish online app which I think it’s a brilliant idea. With Yenir app you can browse and purchase online products that have a limited expiry date but are still good to use at a good price. This prevents wasting good products and at the same time saves people a lot of money. I haven’t used it yet but I definitely will.

Turkish online shopping websites for books for clothes

There is nothing better than getting cozy on your sofa and shopping through all the latest styles and trends online with a simple click, isn’t it? With social distancing, many brands in Turkey have prioritized their online presence and made the shopping process much easier and quicker for customers.

Boyner (boyner.com.tr)

is one of the biggest retail companies in Turkey. They specialize in men, women, and children’s clothing. They have stores all around Turkey.

Mavi (mavi.com)

is a Turkish clothing brand that specializes in denim and jeans-wear. The company manufactures jeans for both women and men, but they also manufacture other clothing lines targeting a younger age group. The brand also has subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, and Australia.

Modanisa (modanisa.com)

Modanisa is a famous Turkish modest wear brand. Popular in Turkey and worldwide, Modanisa has an online and in-store presence. You can find Hijab and sport clothes shoes, bags, and even accessories.

Turkish online shopping websites for books

D&R (dr.com.tr)

D&R is one of Turkey’s biggest culture and entertainment stores. D&R brings together a wide range of products, from electronics to souvenir gifts and books. With 157 stores in 30 provinces across Turkey, it also provides an effortless shopping experience to its customers on its online store too. D&R has both Turkish and English book collections.

Pandora (pandora.com.tr)

The Turkish Pandora website offers a wide variety of English books online from comics and history to travel and politics at competitive prices and discounts. Pandora can also provide imported English books at their original cover price. In case you don’t find the book you are looking for, just get in touch with them and they will get it for you.

Turkish online shopping websites for electronics

Vatan (vatanbilgisayar.com)

Vatan Bilgisayar is one of the biggest electronic supermarkets in Turkey. They operate both in stores and online. When it comes to the price, Vatan is known for high-priced offers compared to other retailers such as Hepsiburada or N11.

Media Markt (mediamarkt.com.tr)

Mediamarkt is a German multinational chain of stores selling consumer electronics with a total of 66 stores in Turkey.

Teknosa (teknosa.com)

The Turkish Teknosa website sells all kinds of consumer electronics you will need from watching machines, cleaning robots to phones and laptops.

Turkish online shopping websites for tickets

If you are looking for tickets to events, activities, and concerts in Turkey, you don’t have to wait in lines to purchase them anymore. Biletix, Mobilet and Biletino.

For bus, ferry, or plane tickets, Bilet and Obilet come to the rescue. You can simply check all the available options and book your seat ticket easily with secure payments and no hidden charges.

Turkish online shopping websites for second-hand products

Sahibinden (sahibinden.com)

Sahibinden is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Turkey. Sahibinden is an online classified and shopping platform in which people and businesses buy and sell real estate, cars, and a broad variety of goods and services. Registration and posting listings are free of charge

Letgo (letgo.com)

Let go is more of a local buy and sell market where you can see the adverts in your neighborhood, go meet the seller, pay the money and get your item, hand to hand. Letgo has a website and app that allows users to buy, sell and chat with others locally. The listing service remained free, but the app added a paid feature allowing users to place their sales items above organic search results.

Dolap (dolap.com)

Dolap is an online shopping site where people can buy second-hand clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and other stuff. Dolap offers thousands of products to its followers with a fast and practical shopping experience, secure online payment systems, and installment facilities.

Online shopping in Turkey pros and cons

Before jumping to the juice of this post, let’s discover some of the pros and cons of online shopping in Turkey. The good news is that there are thousands of active online stores to cover the need of the 77 million people in the country.

Apart from the availability of many stores to choose from, most of them provide good service. It is as simple as getting the shopping done with a few clicks. Many online stores have also partnered with local banks to provide easy payment and credit options.

But unfortunately, you can come across some online stores with bad products and services. Furthermore, some of the online stores are only scam websites to steal your money. So be careful when dealing with unknown websites.

Tips on how to shop online in Turkey

  • Shop only from reliable and trusted Turkish websites. All the websites mentioned in this post are well known and trusted.
  • Most of these websites don’t have English option. Use Google Translate on browser (Chrome) to easily translate the page.
  • Read the product description carefully including the warranty, shipping and return terms before purchasing.
  • Sometime international debit and credit cards don’t work online purchases in Turkish websites. It’s better if you can use Turkish debit or credit cards.


In a word, the online shopping experience in Turkey is pretty good and secure. The shipping services are very advanced and efficient. Goods are mostly delivered within a few days in major cities, like Istanbul.

The reputable online stores, listed above, offer reasonable services including, tracking, cancellation, and return options that are reliable. However, it is important to be careful when doing online shopping to avoid scams.


Motswala April 22, 2021 - 7:44 pm

I would like to shop to shop online in turkey mostly clothes and shoes but i really need help cause seemingly its only chosen few who shop from Turkey

Fay April 23, 2021 - 9:02 am

Hello Motswala, Sorry but I don’t quite understand your question

Victorine V Wango January 19, 2022 - 1:25 am

hello Fay,
I would like to buy clothing and personal items from Turkey.
Please I need advice on how to do it from the US
Thank you

Fay January 20, 2022 - 8:04 am

Hello Victorine, The best thing you could do is come here and look for suppliers in the wholesale markets (Wholesale called Toptan in Turkish). However, if you cannot come to Turkey just search on google or social media platforms such as Instagram for “toptan satis giyim” or “toptan” you will get a lot of businesses that sell wholesale and deliver worldwide. But as I said better come here and inspect the suppliers and products before you buy. Good luck


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