Moroccan Party Dresses To Inspire Your Next Outfit

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Do you have a party to attend and want something special to wear? Or, you are maybe planning a Moroccan-themed party and need and Moroccan dress to complete your look. Moroccan party dresses are a unique statement piece that will make you stand out at any event.

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Types of traditional Moroccan dresses

Morocco is known for its colorful and intricate designs, which are often reflected in the country’s traditional clothing. Moroccan dresses often feature bold patterns and bright colors, making them the perfect choice for a stand-out outfit.

If you are looking for a Moroccan dress to wear to a party, there are several different types that you can choose from:


The Takchita is a type of Moroccan dress that is usually made from two pieces – a long, loose-fitting shirt and a matching dress. The shirt is often decorated with beautiful and colorful designs, embroidery, and beading, and the dress is usually floor-length.

Takchitas are often worn for Moroccan wedding celebrations. But they can be also worn during special and grand events. The Takshitas worn by brides call for more decoration, jewels, and sequins and they are usually white or cream-colored, but they can also be brightly colored.

Caftan/ Kaftan

Moroccan red kaftan dress

The Caftan is another popular type of Moroccan dress. A little bit less showy than the Takchita, Caftans are usually made from a single piece of fabric and are often adorned with intricate designs as well but they also come in minimalist styles as well. Caftans are also long and loose-fitting, making them very comfortable to wear.

Djellaba/ Jalaba

The Djellaba is not really considered a party dress in Morocco but more of a traditional, everyday dress. They are similar to the Kaftan design but with a hood attached. Djellabas are made from a heavy fabric like wool for winter and lighter fabrics like cotton or linen for summer.

moroccan jelaba dress

Like Kaftans and Tekchitas, Djellabas come in all kinds of colors and designs, from the very simple and minimalist to the very ornate and embellished.

Can you wear one of these dresses to a Moroccan party?

Unlike Djellaba, Takchitas, and Caftans are often worn to weddings and other grand occasions. But before you decide which one to wear ask the party’s host what the dress code is because it all depends on the type of party and whether people will come all dressed up or not.

If you want to wear a Moroccan dress to a party (not a wedding) but the invitation doesn’t specify what kind of clothing to wear then go for a more casual look like a minimalist Dejellaba. Just make sure that whatever you were is modest and respects the Moroccan culture.

But as a general rule, Takshitas are usually only worn to weddings, Kaftans are for less grand occasions like Henna parties, baby showers, and eid celebrations. Djellabas on the other hand can be worn to any other type of party or on an everyday basis.

A few Moroccan dresses to inspire you

Moroccan White Kaftan

This white and minimalist Moroccan kaftan is great for Eid celebrations, showers, and even weddings. The flowy design makes it modest and very comfortable to wear. The beige embroidery gives it a stylish touch without being too over the top. >> Check the dress here

Moroccan Diamonds Kaftan

Adorned with colorful beads, this Moroccan kaftan is perfect for a more festive occasion like a wedding. The V-neck design is both modest and stylish. It comes in different colors and with a belt to cinch your waist and give you a more flattering silhouette but you can also wear it without the belt for a more relaxed look. >> Check the dress here

Elegant Moroccan Takshita

This beautiful Takishta is perfect for a bride and to attend Moroccan weddings. If you are attending a wedding avoid wearing white and go for another color instead. The white and gold colors are very elegant and the beading and embroidery give it a very luxurious look. >> Check the dress here

Colorful Moroccan Djellaba

It comes in two different bright colors, green and pink, and it’s decorated with diamond-shaped beads. The hood gives it a more traditional look. It’s a great dress to wear on a daily basis or to attend a more casual Moroccan party. >> Check dress here

Mother and daughter Djellaba

If you have a daughter, why not go for a mother and daughter set? It comes in different colors like blue, green, and pink with colorful embroidery going down the front. It’s a great way to match with your daughter and have a coordinated Moroccan look. >> Check the dress here

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