Moroccan Colors: 13 Color Combinations Inspired by Morocco In 2024

By: Fatima O.

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Looking for a little color inspiration? Check out these gorgeous, Moroccan colors that are inspired by the country’s landscape, architecture, and culture.

Morocco is a country rich in culture and color. The colors used in Moroccan design are often bold and vibrant, and they can be combined in many different ways to create beautiful and unique color schemes.

Here are 13 Moroccan-inspired color combinations that you can use whether you’re designing a website, a home, or anything else.

Moroccan colors inspired by mosaic

The yellow and Blue pop color palette

moroccan colors 1

Blue and yellow are two familiar colors in mosaic tiles in Morocco. These Moroccan colors go so well together and they will add a pop wherever you use them.

The vibrant and dull color palette

moroccon colors 2

Don’t be afraid of using so many different colors in your design. Moroccan-inspired colors are known to be bold and daring.

The earthy green color palette

Moroccan colors 3

Earthy colors represent a big part of Morocco’s nature that’s why you will see a lot of earthy shades in the mosaic tiles. Brownish

Spring party color palette

moroccan colors 4

Use a mixture of light and cheery colors for a Moroccan spring colors feel. The green, and yellow, represent the foliage and flowers that start to bloom in the spring while blue and tan mimic the sky and earth.

Moroccan colors inspired by landscapes

Sahara Desert color palette

morocco colors 8

The Sahara Desert is one of Morocco’s famous landscapes. The colors used in Sahara-inspired designs are meant to represent the desert’s heat and dryness. Experiment with shades of yellow, orange, and brown to evoke the warmth of the dunes.

Moroccan beach color palette

moroccan colors beaches

Moroccan beaches are an oasis of blue colors. The colors in this palette are inspired by the ocean water in Asilah. The different shades of blue represent the different depths of the ocean and the sky. The grey and white are inspired by the rocks and the city buildings.

Moroccan colors inspired by cities

Ouarzazate palette

morocco colors 9

The colors of Ouarzazate are inspired by the Kasbah of Taourirt. The orange and brown shades represent the clay that is used in the construction of the Kasbah while the blue and green represent the sky and vegetation.

Chefchaouen color palette

morocco colors 6

Chefchaouen is known for its blue shades decorated with colorful flower pots. This chefchaouen color palette is great to use if you want to create a design that is calming and serene with an optional pop of vibrant color. The different shades of blue represent the buildings, and the sky, while the green and maroon represent the mountains, the flowers, and the greenery surrounding the city.

Casablanca color palette

Morocco colors 10

The Casablanca palette includes both warm and cool tones, making it perfect for a wide range of applications. The palette is also quite versatile, as it can be used for both traditional and contemporary design styles.

Marrakech color palette

moroccan colors marrakech palette

This color palette was inspired by the colors of Jamaa El Fena in Marrakech in the evening. The purple and brown represents the sky and architecture while the yellow and orange represent the lanterns that lit up the square.

Moroccan colors inspired by culture & food

Moroccan market color palette

moroccan colors 5

This color scheme was inspired by the colors of a traditional Moroccan market. The vibrant and bold colors represent the spices sold in the souk. This Moroccan color scheme would be perfect for a place that is meant to be cheerful and inviting.

Mint tea color palette

moroccan colors inspired from mint tea

Mint tea is a refreshing Moroccan drink that can be enjoyed any time of day. The colors in this palette are inspired by the Moroccan mint tea ceremony. The color palette of mint tea is refreshing and calming, making it perfect for a summertime decor vibe.

Tagine color pallette

moroccan colors tagine inspired

Tagine is a type of Moroccan dish that is typically cooked in a clay pot. The colors in this palette are inspired by the ingredients and cookware used in a typical tagine dish. The Moroccan colors in this palette are a combination of earthy tones that are perfect for warm settings.

Moroccan Colors & Patterns

I hope these Morocco-inspired colors can trigger some great design ideas for your next project! In addition to the vibrant colors, Morocco is known for its intricate patterns. If you’re looking to add a Moroccan touch to your home, check out our collection of Moroccan-inspired patterns.

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