Lebanese Food: 6 Amazing Foods You Have To Try

by Fay

Lebanese food is among the most popular Arab cuisines worldwide. Packed with fresh and healthy ingredients, the Lebanese food includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits and all kinds of meat and seafood.

From the populous tabbouleh and Hummus to the least known Mujdara. This guide will introduce all the worth-trying Lebanese dishes.

1. Kibbeh


Kibbe is Lebanon’s national dish and one of my favorite foods to try in Lebanon. It is super crunchy from the outside, rich and tender from the inside. Traditionally, the spiced ground meat is mixed with bulgur, onions, nuts and spices. The mixure is then made into meatballs and deep-frided or baked.

2. Tabbouleh


This refrshing and delicious salad is somehow a famous Libanese dish in many countries wordwide. The sald is made of fresh parsley and mint, a handful of bulgur seeds, finely chopped tomatoes, and onions, with a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil.

3. Manaqish


If you try this lebanese breakfast treat, I’m sure it’s gonna become your favorite. Manaqish is a flatbread seasoned with thyme, sesame seeds, and olive oil. There are also other variations topped with cheese, fresh vegetables or yogurt. Think of it as lebanon’s pizza special.

4. Falafel


This libanese street food is popular throught the Middle east. Found in the both the Turkish and Egyptian cuisine, Falalfel is made by deep frying balls of fava bean mix and it’s a a great option for vegetarian and vegan travelers. Falalfel is usually served with the Arabic bread (Pita bread), Hummus and Tahini.

5. Hummus


Hummus is the most common dip in the lebanese cuisine. It’s made with cooked chickpeas, parcely, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice and served usually as mezze or together with Falalfel or Kibbeh.

6. Warak Enab

Warak Enab

Loved by so many Warak Enab or (known as Dolma in Turkey) is an important part of the lebanese cooking traditions. Wrak Enab consists of a mixture of spiced groud meat, rice, onions and garlic nicely wrapped in grape leaves and cooked. Warak Enab is commenly served as mezze boht cold and hot.

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