Top Things To Do In Ifrane, Morocco

by Faheem

Ifrane is a small city in Morocco that boasts some big things. We all know about Fez and Marrakech but few know that Ifrane is a cool and outstanding place to visit in Morocco. Now that Morocco is open for travel again, here are a few reasons why you should visit Ifrane in Morocco.

We are not saying that Ifrane is the best place in Morocco for tourists. However, we intend to showcase some of the unsung heroes of Morocco’s cities and on that list, Ifrane clearly deserves an honorable mention. Should you spend your whole holiday in Ifrane, no. But if you are in the vicinity of Fez or Meknes, Ifrane is not far away and will be a calm weekend trip, especially if you play golf or want to ski in the winter.

Explore Ifrane National Park

Ifrane National Park is one of the most important and protected parks in Morocco. In addition to being natural and pristine, the park is home to lakes, caves, and also several diverse plant and animal species that are not found elsewhere. Not to be missed by nature lovers.

Enjoy the snow

If you thought that Morocco is not the place for a snow-filled winter then Ifrane is the city that will change your mind. Located in the Atlas Mountains, Ifrane receives its fair share of snow in the cold months, making it ideal for skiing, 

Visit Al Akhawayn University

Argued to be the best university in Morocco, Al Akhawayn University is definitely the university of choice for most Moroccan students. This government institution opened its doors in 1995 with the intention of providing quality education to its students. It is also by far the most beautiful university in Morocco.

Play some golf

Michlifen Golf & Country Club, located just outside Ifrane, is considered to be the best Golf course in Morocco. It boasts a unique 18-hole course that summarizes the beautiful landscapes of the Atlas Mountains. The course is challenging for experienced pros but also offers good entertainment for novice golf enthusiasts.


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