Doing Business In Morocco, 10 Investment Ideas In 2022

by Fay

Morocco is not only a favored destination for tourists and travelers but also an attractive country for foreign investors. Both local and foreign investors are increasingly exploring new business opportunities in Morocco.

Being an important player in the EMEA region and featuring high economic growth in recent years, Morocco is now considered a fresh market for new projects and investments. In this article, I will take you through 10 profitable business opportunities and ideas in Morocco for 2022 and beyond.


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10 Brilliant Business & Investment Ideas to Start in Morocco

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Open an International Restaurant or cafe

Who doesn’t get hungry? Nobody, right? Food is one of the sectors it’s hard to go wrong with. If you have a passion for food and have some culinary skills, this business is for you. Morocco is a great market for business opportunities in the food sector and there aren’t many international restaurants.

Open a restaurant business in Morocco

So, opening one would be a profitable business. If you want to open a restaurant without the overheads and the expensive costs, then you may be looking for a food truck to test the market first.

It’s all about creating your brand.

Start a locally produced clothing brand

Let’s be honest, Moroccans don’t wear their traditional outfits unless there is a special occasion. Therefore, investing in a modern clothing brand in Morocco can bring you a lot of money.

Although Morocco is the 7th largest market for fast-fashion production for Europe and the MENA region, most consumers struggle to afford brands such as ZARA and H&M and they prefer Turkish clothing over designer brands because they are cheaper and look good.

If you are into fashion, start a local clothing brand

However, it’s now become so difficult for businesses to import Turkish goods due to the restrictions put in place by the Moroccan government. The reason why many businesses are starting to launch their locally-produced modern clothes. Meaning, that the local clothing manufacturing industry in Morocco is about to flourish.

Now is the time to take the plunge and start your own clothing brand in Morocco.

Open a Tutoring or a language center

Education is a basic need not only for Moroccans but for everybody. The reason why a language center business will do good in Morocco is that the current education curriculum doesn’t prioritize foreign language learning, especially English learning.

Moroccan parents are always in need of affordable solutions to develop and improve their children’s foreign language skills. English and French are the most sought after.

Open a language center business in Morocco
If you have the right qualifications, a language center is a great idea to start a business in Morocco

Opening a language center in one of the big cities in Morocco is an excellent business to make money. You will probably think that opening an official language center will cost you an arm and a leg. Yes, it will, as you have to rent a space and advertise your business and probably hire a qualified teacher if you are not one.

But if you have a teaching qualification, you could start it from home as a private tutor or maybe online and once you are financially ready, you can open your language center in Morocco.

Start an E-Commerce distribution center for small businesses

E-commerce in Morocco is growing rapidly, especially with the arrival of the famous COVID19. Many small and medium businesses have shifted to online platforms. However, with these new circumstances, there aren’t many GOOD delivery services in Morocco to satisfy the urgent demand.

Open a local shipping company for e-commerce businesses in Morocco
E-commerce and E-commerce supply chain is an untapped market in Morocco

This business idea would help fix the current need for e-services in Morocco by creating a service where medium and small business enterprises can have their products shipped. This will ultimately increase their exposure in the market and help them to grow.

To start this business you will probably rely on local expertise more than the previous business ideas but it’s still worth the try. No pain no gain!

Open student housing in Casablanca

One smart business opportunity that I see in Morocco is affordable student housing. Property investment is already a huge money-making opportunity in the country, especially in megacities like Casablanca. However, there aren’t many projects that target the education market even though Casablanca is the biggest city when it comes to the number of students studying there.

Big Moroccan cities like Casablanca still suffer from a lack of student housing. Think about that!

Investing in properties in Morocco can be extremely expensive. Depending on your investment budget, you could purchase one or more apartments or houses and transform them into student housing.

Start a hotel business

Morocco is one of the most famous tourist destinations in North Africa. And obviously, tourists will need a place to stay when they visit. This business is very capital-intensive and profitable.

A bed and breakfast would be a genius way to start. Choose the location of your business carefully. I would advise the popular destinations that attract both tourists and locals. You won’t have to build your hotel.

A bed and breakfast would be a genius way to start investing in Morocco

There are many options to skip the hassles of building one. You could, for example, rent a Riad or a small villa and you will be ready to go.

Open a daycare facility

Many families cannot afford daycare services in Morocco

Many families cannot afford daycare services in Morocco. It is considered a luxury but also a critical need for many parents who desperately need two salaries to make ends meet. Therefore, there is a huge need for affordable daycare facilities in Morocco.

This business idea would be in high demand since there are many couples who rely solely on their families to take care of their children.

Export local products

What many people don’t know is that Morocco is rich unique and authentic products. Morocco spends millions of dollars on importing food and non-food items from other countries but the truth is Morocco has a lot of local products with the potential of becoming a global brand.

There are thousands of undiscovered products to export, you just have to look

Unfortunately, very few people know about what Morocco has to offer to the world. From natural beauty products and authentic textiles to vintage rugs and poufs. There are thousands of undiscovered products to export, you just have to look.

Set up a private school

Private schools are one of the most leveraged businesses around. The private education industry in Morocco is growing rapidly as more parents choose private schools over public ones.

Setting up a private school requires a handsome investment

Setting up a private school requires a handsome investment and probably a very long procedure to get all the necessary permits and approvals. If you are planning to start big, acquiring a large space is important and you can develop it over time.

Transport service

Effective transportation is one of Morocco’s recent development projects. Recently, Morocco launched numerous tramway lines in both Casablanca and Rabat. Unfortunately, these initiatives aren’t covering the huge need for transportation across the country.

Starting a private transport company would be a profitable investment in Morocco. However, conducting a survey first would help you decide what kind of transportation service will work and in which city.   

Starting a private transport company would be a profitable investment in Morocco

These business opportunities in Morocco are among the most profitable ones now. Morocco offers attractive business incentives and support to foreign investors.

For more information check the Invest In Morocco website.

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Do you have a business in Morocco? If yes, share your experience with us in the comments below.

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Samer May 28, 2021 - 7:50 am

Interested in business ideas in Casablanca

Fay May 28, 2021 - 1:37 pm

Hi Samer,

All these business ideas can work very well in Casablanca.Good luck

Adedoyin September 5, 2021 - 10:38 am

What business idea will thrive well in tangier

Mohamed Benaouich April 3, 2022 - 7:51 pm

I agrée that Morocco is a vergin business country in almost every aspect BUT you need to choose carefully the 5P’s and specifically the last P which is poeple!
I’m Moroccan living in UAE for the last 22 years and I’m thinking to start my own brand in Moroccan market specialty in Marrakech inshallah
Looking for a business partner living outside Morocco to have the same way of thinking the future business set up.

Mohamed Benaouich

Latifa April 25, 2022 - 10:36 pm

How about Fes? Are these business ideas ok for this city?

salah May 12, 2022 - 4:34 pm

Hi ,
thanks for this interesting information but there are all standard business , it can be done everywhere .
we would like to learn new business idea from you experience

thank you


Najah June 12, 2022 - 11:31 pm

Hi All,

I live in London and would like to engage in a business in Morocco.
Any ideas are welcome or business partnership.

Many Thanks


Hassan August 3, 2022 - 8:56 pm

Hello , I also would like to collaborate, we can exchange emails or wsp to discuss if you didn’t start your business yet . Thanks

Blair September 5, 2022 - 4:08 am

I am in Casablanca i want to start my own clothing brand 1year now i still cannot find a good factory or serious tailors it’s so sad .

Fay September 5, 2022 - 12:29 pm

Hello really sorry to hear that. I highly recommend finding a local partner/friend to help you find good companies and lead the negotiations with them. Being a foreigner with no help can make things very hard for you even impossible sometimes. And they may as well take advantage of you since you don’t know how it really works in the country. Good luck!

mart September 13, 2022 - 7:02 pm

Nice ideas! Could you tell something more about this “E-Commerce distribution center” ? What do you mean by writing about creating a service for shippment?


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