Luxury Dining In Delhi: 16 Best Luxury Restaurants To Check

by capetocasa

If you are new to the capital of India or just someone looking for a warm place to dine, here is a list of the best 16 luxury restaurants in Delhi. The iconic Delhi leaves foodies and travelers spoilt for choice.

India, being a diverse country, is home to a variety of cuisines. But the capital is a potpourri where the international and national come together in perfect symphony.

We have checked out some of the most renowned five-star hotels to find the top restaurants that offer something for everyone, from any part of the globe.

Luxury Restaurants in Central Delhi

luxury dining in delhi shangri-La's Eros hotel Delhi
luxury dining in delhi

The geographical area is huge and consists of government administrative blocks. But the main commercial and financial hub in this location are Connaught Place.

This was built during the Imperial era and is among the most expensive commercial locations in the world, as of 2018. A tourist and shopping hub as well, it has a thriving nightlife and there are art and cultural centers around it. And here, you can find many good five-star hotels.

Tamra, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel New Delhi

luxury dining in delhi 24-hour-dining-at-Tamra-Shangr-Las-Eros-Hotel-New-Delhi
24-hour dining at Tamra Shangr Las Eros Hotel New Delhi

Tamra means copper in Sanskrit. In ancient India, copper plates were used for engraving records as copper does not rust or decay. And this thought reflects in its interiors, live counters, fresh food, and smiling staff. Copper pots and pans hang and rolling pins act as screens. You can try South-East Asian, Indian and European food here. 

With bright interiors and a vast variety, there is something for everyone here. Rope screen partitions are reminiscent of ancient India. Conceptualized by Dubai-based firm, Stickman Design, the ambiance reflects India with its open spice markets and many food stalls. It has a 10-seater private dining area.

There is a breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet and the menu goes from salads, soups to many different dishes in the mains. For those, who prefer a-la-carte, there is ample choice there. Some dishes from Tamra are also on the in-room dining menu.

This multi-cuisine restaurant is open from 6.30 am-11.30 pm.

Sorrento, ShangriLa’s Eros Hotel New Delhi

luxury dining in delhi sorrento, Shangri-La's Eros Hotel, Delhi
Sorrento, Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, Delhi

There’s Rome, there’s Venice and there’s Sorrento–a town overlooking the Bay of Naples in Southern Italy. And Sorrento, the fine dining restaurant in this hotel, offers delectable flavors, fresh ingredients, and finger-licking dishes from this town. Having luxury Italian restaurants in Delhi, the heart of India is no easy task. Sorrento has pulled it off in sheer style.

This restaurant has also been designed by Dubai-based firm-Stickman Design. The menu has a Cicchetti (small platters) section which has some delectable bruschettas. The aromas of Neapolitan cuisine waft through the entire space.

Meals come with lots of greens, lemons, tomatoes, and cheese. Seafood is very popular. The choice ranges from Italian cheese, dry-cured meats, bread, zuppe or soup, pasta, pizza.

Open only on weekends.

Eau De Monsoon, Le Meridien

luxury dining in delhi eau de Monsoon, Le Meridien
Eau de Monsoon, Le Meridien

With glassy and cozy brown interiors, this has a private dining space with an onyx dining table, chandeliers from Italy, cutlery from Japan. Eau de Monsoon becomes even more exotic at night, as the tiny lights are artistically placed in the walls.

The walls have gold leaves and they shine, giving a surreal feel.

This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

The One, Le Meridien

luxury dining in delhi The-One-Le-Meridien restaurant
The One, Le Meridien

This is a 24X7 coffee shop with a bar. The buffet spread here is lavish. You can try different cuisines such as the dosa, pancakes, and fish ‘n’ chips. There is a separate ice cream counter.

Baluchi, The LaLit

luxury dining in delhi The LaLit restaurant
Indian spread at Baluchi, The LaLit New Delhi

In a world of fusions, it’s so easy to forget what the food of India tastes like. But dinner or even lunch at this brown and warmly lit place brings alive the love for lentils and curries. There’s the popular chicken curry, Methi Palak, Gucchi and White Mushroom Galouti, and Paan Kulfi. The unbeatable Dal Baluchi is a blend of black lentils, ginger, and garlic simmered over charcoal overnight and finished aptly with cream and butter.

Fresh Indian bread is a must for luxury restaurants in Delhi. This spot prides itself on its traditional Indian bread platter called ‘Naanery’. There is flavored Indian bread such as Gilafi Kulcha and Pheni Paratha, and they taste so yum with the Indian dips. Warqi Paratha is another must-try.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

OKO, The LaLit

luxury dining in delhi Sushi Platter, OKO, The LaLit New Delhi
Sushi Platter, OKO, The LaLit New Delhi

Located on the 28th floor, this has a stupendous view of Delhi. The menu comprises dishes from Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, China, and Korea. Southeast Asian décor and artifacts make for the artsy ambiance. Take a seat by the window if you are here for dinner as the twinkling lights are a delight.

There are live sushi, teppanyaki, robata counters, and a crafted list of ‘Sushiri’. The non-veg platter comprises California rolls, red snapper, salmon, octopus, and more. There are some exotic dishes with octopus, eel, crab, and more.

The Gaeng Phed Phak—the traditional red curry with bamboo shoots, pea, aubergine, sweet basil, and vegetables—is a must-have. But you should definitely try the Tub Tim Grob–tender coconut cream with water chestnuts, topped with crushed ice.

It is open for lunch and dinner and is best to make a reservation.

The Spice Route, The Imperial

luxury dining in delhi The Spice Route, The Imperial
The Spice Route, The Imperial

With an arty interior, the menu comprises cuisines from the Malabar Coast in Kerala, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam and has been crafted by the President’s Awardee, the Thai Chef Veena Arora.

Seafood is the best here. The Spice Route’s menu also features the delish Meen Kodan Biryani and Kung Nang Khee Mao – wok-fried lobster with Thai ginger and fresh green pepper in Thai oyster sauce. Phad Khing Pla – sole fillet with black fungus and celery stems.

Open for lunch and dinner and it’s best to make a reservation.

Café, Hyatt Regency Delhi

luxury dining in delhi Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi
Cafe, Hyatt Regency, Delhi

Located at Bhikaji Cama Place, another commercial hub just about a 30-minutes drive from Connaught Place, it is perfect for the corporate traveler. The buffet is full of greens, a variety of cheese, and fresh juices.

The course has many cuisines such as European, French, British, American, Spanish, Indian, and regional Indian cuisines.

On offer are pasta and grilled dishes along with soups and bread. The dessert counter is huge with pastries, fruits, and more.  Guests can even ‘Make Your Own Salad’ or indulge in some exotic cheese and salami.

Open 24×7.

Luxury Restaurants Near the Airport

The Great Kabab Factory, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

luxury dining in delhi the-great-kebab-factory-1, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport
The Great Kebab factory, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

Kebabs and curries are India’s claim to fame in the gastronomical world. This award-winning restaurant is where the legacy of the Mughals lives on. Kebabs are cooked in varied styles such as in a Sighri or tandoor, shallow fried on a Mahi Tawa, fried in a Kadai, steamed in pots, and grilled on a stone.

Made of meats, vegetables, potatoes, soya, paneer, and more, a different platter is served at every meal. And a full meal could take you as long as two hours to finish because unlimited portions are served at your table. The restaurant owns 450 recipes, saved from the kitchens of generations long gone.

Actually, every night the platter includes six kinds of kebabs but if you are eating both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties, you are digging into one of the larger helpings of kebabs.

After the large dose of kebabs, there is a main course with lentils, bread, biryanis, raita, and a vegetarian dish. The lavish meal ends with four or five desserts. Now that’s what I would expect from luxury restaurants in Delhi, nothing less.

Seasonal spices are used and oil usage has been lowered to match sedentary lifestyles.

Open for dinner only and best to make a reservation. 

Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

luxury dining in delhi neung-roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport
Neung Roi, Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi Airport

Neung Roi, with its Thai flavors, offers dishes from the four main regions of Thailand—Isan, Lanna, Isthmus of Kra, and Central Plains. Greens are the mainstay in this part of the world along with exotic citrus fruits.

Dips and lime are common along with seafood. The names are a bit confusing —Phad Tuea Hrong, Yam Mamuang, Yam Som-O, Thod Man Goong, and Krachai Gab Goong—but the ingredients are listed under each name and the staff is more than happy to assist.

There are some low-cal and delicious soups such as Tom Yum Pla or the spicy and sour fish soup with mushrooms, lemongrass, kaffir lime, and galangal. Fresh vegetables and light sauces make for a delectable meal, every time.

An interesting fact is that the knives used for Thai food are different from the ones used for other cuisines.

Open for lunch and dinner.

Luxury Restaurants in South Delhi

This is the upmarket part of Delhi.

Blooms, Eros Hotel

luxury dining in delhi salad counter at Blooms, Eros Hotel
Salad counter at Blooms, Eros Hotel

It’s a foodie’s paradise, tables laden with dishes, Indian, Continental, Mediterranean, Lebanese, and a live kitchen hidden behind a pillar. Adding to this is the soft, elegant décor and a warm ambiance.

There is also open-air seating in case you wish to feel the breeze on your face as you dig into the feast. 

With a lavish buffet comprising of international cuisine, there is a la carte as well. You find the traditional Mac & Cheese, Mezze Selection, Thai Curry with Rice, and Fish n Chips, among other dishes. And for the more calorie-conscious, there is a range of grilled specialties, pasta and Risottos, and sandwiches.

With good presentation, nourishing food, and a good selection of teas, beverages and a dessert counter to die for. Blooms is top-notch, even among the best luxury restaurants in Delhi.

Open till midnight.

Empress of China, Eros Hotel

luxury dining in delhi Empress of China, Eros Hotel
Empress of China, Eros Hotel

The food here is Southeast Asian fare, with dishes from three regions– Szechuan, Yunnan, and Hunan. The interesting part is that the restaurant is patronized by eminent Delhiites such as lawyer Daljeet Titus and they always get a table here without reservations and a board with their names is kept on their tables.

You can even opt for outdoor seating as that overlooks the famous Lotus Temple.

Open for dinner only.

Luxury Restaurants In East Delhi & Suburbs

Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida

luxury dining in delhi North Indian fare at Earthen Oven, fortune Inn Grazia Noida
North Indian fare at Earthen Oven, fortune Inn Grazia Noida

Noida is a city in Uttar Pradesh and a satellite town for Delhi. It is part of the National Capital Region. With melt-in-the-mouth kebabs, the restaurant serves good North Indian delights. The yummy vegetarian and non-vegetarian kebabs are both served here. The focus is on less oil and fresh ingredients.

Open for lunch and dinner.

Chao Bella, Crowne Plaza, Greater Noida

luxury dining in delhi Chao Bella, Crowne Plaaza Greater Noida 1
Chao Bella, Crowne Plaza Greater Noida

Greater Noida is now a thriving town but part of the National Capital Region and about an hour’s drive from Central Delhi. This hotel is located near the industrial area and is popular with people out on work.

With enough privacy between tables and also separate areas, this is a place to enjoy a lavish meal and talk your heart out. The specialty here is Italian and Chinese fare and there are delish seafood dishes. The accompanying dips are fresh, and the service cordial. 

Of the Italian food, the Parma ham and pepperoni pizza with its thin, soft, and freshly made crust is certainly worth a bite. Do try the signature Fondente Al Chocolato or hot chocolate lava cake with ice cream.

Open only for dinner.

Café on 3 and Kylin Experience, Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar Noida Hotel

luxury dining in delhi Robatayaki at The Kylin Experience, holiday Inn Mayur Vihar Noida
Robatayaki at The Kylin Experience, holiday Inn Mayur Vihar Noida

This is right on the border between Delhi and Noida. Café on 3 is a coffee shop with delicacies from Indian and international cuisines.

Kylin Experience is a Pan Asian restaurant offering Asian cuisine and has an attached bar. Robatayaki is an experience here. It means fireside cooking. Similar to a barbecue, here meats and veggies on skewers are slow-grilled. The menu is pretty extensive. The prawns are cooked with their shells and are a must-eat.   

Final Thoughts

luxury dining in delhi fruit cake at Blooms, Eros Hotel
Fruit Cake at Blooms, Eros Hotel

This is merely the beginning of your epic tour of luxury restaurants in Delhi, the possibilities are endless. After all, Dehli is the capital of the second-most populous nation on earth, and the people of Dehli love their food. We have shown in this article that Dehli is not only a beacon of elevated Indian cuisine, it’s fast becoming a powerhouse for a diverse international dining experience as well.

Written by Ambica Gulati, a passionate storyteller who is mesmerized by all the beauty on this planet. Based in Delhi, India, she captures her travel experiences on her blog 


luxury dining in delhi Restaurants in delhi

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