Turkey beaches: Best 11 beaches in Turkey (With Pictures)

by Fay

Turkey is a beach bliss destination and one of the most famous countries for wonderful summer holiday resorts and beaches. Turkey has 7200 km of coastline, offering hundreds of beaches to its loyal visitors. However, among these beaches there are a few that shouldn’t be missed on your visit to Turkey. So, before you jump on a plane, make sure to read through this recapped post and select your favorite beach to visit in Turkey.  

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Top 10 beaches in Turkey

1. Kaputaş Beach, Kas

best beaches in Turkey kaputas-beach

Kaputas is a small paradise beach in Turkey. To be honest, Neither words nor pictures can do justice to Kaputas beach. Located off the coastal road between the tourist towns Kaş and Kalkan, the beach lies on the mouth of a Canyon on a steep valley providing a breathtaking view that should not be missed. Kaputas beach is famous for its turquoise waters, white and silky sands, and moderately strong and enjoyable waves which makes it so pleasurable to experience.

Another special charm about Kaputas is its location. It is remotely placed between two cliffs, far from any buildings or structures. It gives off the exotic island beach vibe. If you are traveling to Antalya then Kaputas has got to be at the top of your best Turkey beaches bucketlist.

There is a small parking lot on the side of the road and to reach the beach you have to descend the 170 steps. The beach itself is the prefect reward.

WHERE //  Kalkan, Turkey
WHEN // Always open

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2. Blue Lagoon, Ölüdeniz


The blue Lagoon beach is undoubtedly a world famous beach in Turkey and it is actually the main reason why people visit Oludeniz town. The blue Lagoon beach is tucked away inside a protected national park, thus there is a small fee to enter it. 

The water at the lagoon is surreal, deep blue contrasted by pure golden sand dunes. The blue Lagoon in Oludeniz is also a great destination for paragliding adventurers. Thousands of paragliding buffs come to enjoy the astonishing views of the mountains and the lagoon in Oludeniz.  

WHERE // Ölüdeniz, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm

3. Butterfly Valley Beach, Fethiye

best beaches in Turkey-butterfly-valley-beach

Butterfly valley beach in Fethiye is the kind of beach seen on travel postcards of Turkey. The treasured Butterfly Beach is a white sandy beach wonderfully tucked away between the steep rocks of the Butterfly Valley. 

The valley is home to almost 105 different types of butterflies and other diverse flora species. Butterfly valley beach is indeed a perfect spot for a beach holiday but also a marvelous hiking destination for outdoor lovers. There is a popular hiking trail in the valley that leads to two small waterfalls where you can enjoy a lunch break. 

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm

4. Çıralı Beach, Kemer 

best beaches in Turkey- cirali beach

Located about one and half hours drive from Antalya, Çıralı beach in Kemer is a serene and laid back beach destination. This bubbly sands beach is surrounded by a spectacular dark green mountain scenery. At the end of Cirali beach, you will come across the ruins of Olympus from the Lycian city. After a full day of swimming in the blue waters and sightseeing around the beach. This another deserted beach escape to add to that growing list of best beaches in Turkey.

Cirali beach is a perfect laid-back place to spend a couple of days to relax and unwind. There are no major hotels and resorts but adequate family pansiyons and accommodation around the beach with affordable prices.  

WHERE // Kemer, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

5. Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya

best beaches in Turkey-Konyaalti-beach

One of Antalya’s main beaches, Konyaalti has all the ingredients for a perfect sun-soaked day. Stretching for 7km from the city’s cliffs to the Beydağları mountains, the beach offers white pebble sands, crystal clear waters, and splendid views. It is basically the perfect spot to set up a beach chair and watch the magnificent sea views or just enjoy your favorite book.  

Plus, you can find world class facilities surrounding the beach which makes an ideal place for an evening beach walk or an authentic seaside dinner. 

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

6. Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

best beaches in Turkey-Iztuzu-Beach-Dalyan

Another beautiful beach is Iztuzu Beach. Known also as an important turtle nesting habitat. Are you looking for soft golden sands, shallow translucent waters and a handful of kiosks serving Turkish tea and pancakes (Gozleme)? Washed by the Dalian River sea on one side and the Mediterranian sea on the other side, this one of Turkey’s best eco beaches in an idyllic place to swim and just relax in the sun from the madding tourist crowds. The lack of development only adds to the delight of the area, untainted natural charm and peaceful atmosphere. 

If you’re not keen on breaking a sweat during your visit, you can stretch out and watch for turtles, dolphins and birds on the island’s 18-plus miles of beautiful sands.

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

7. Patara Beach, Gelemiş

best beaches in Turkey-patara-beach-Turkey

Patara Beach stretches along the Turkish Riviera, one of Europe’s most stunning coastlines near the ancient Lycian city of Patara. This quiant beach destination extends for 20 kilometers of uninterupted sandy beach. The best part is that it is never full, due to its sparsely populated surrounding villages that can’t accomodate many tourists. It’s almost like having your private beach, absolutely free.

Due to its rich archeological history, no large structures can be built in or around Patara beach. This ensures that this beach will always remain pure clean and quiet, just as it is supposed to be.

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

8. Cleopatra Beach, Alanya


With more than 2 million visitors anually, Cleopatra Beach in Western Alanya is a must see. The beach extends for around 2 kilometers, in close proximity to the city of Alanya. This is why it is so easy and convenient for tourists from all over the world. The beach, which gets its name from the iconic Queen Cleopatra, is an ideal swimming beach for young and old. The summer temperatures averaging 30°C, coupled with long 14 hour days, Alanya is great summer beach holiday destination.

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

9. Kabak Beach, Fethiye

best beaches in Turkey-kabak-beach-Fethiye

Do you sometimes feel like you wante to go to a beautiful beach that no one knows about and just enjoy that experience alone? Well, Kabak beach is the spot for you. Not as well known as the other beaches on this list, this quiet beach is great place to spend the day swimming running along the beach or evan as a rest stop after a tiring hike. You can even camp here, at one of the designated campsites.

Surounded by the overlooking hills and forests, the beach really does look like a film set, and you are the star.

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  9am-8pm
FEE // Free

10. Ovabükü Beach

Ovabükü beach is located in Datça Peninsula behind a rocky mountain which makes it quite hard to get to and therefore keeps the crowds at bay. In Ovabuku beach, you can spend an awesome and relaxing beach in the turquoise waters and the long stretch of sandy coastline. There are two more bays to explore in this area, Hayibuku bay and Kurubuk bay. Plus, the local villages around the beach are a great escape for a cultural adventure.

It is great to spend the entire day in Ovabuku beach as it is boasted with many local eatries to try the traditional Turkish food.

WHERE // Fethiye, Turkey
WHEN //  September to November

11. Camel Beach, Bodrum

Camel beach in Turkey is certainly one of our favorites. Located 13 km from the center of Bodrum city, the beach provides not only gold sands and clear waters but also camel rides on the beach. this popular beach is only one of the many located in Ortakent. If you are looking for a resort destination in Turkey, consider Ortakent in Bodrum for the many advantages including its unique beaches.

WHERE // Bodrum, Turkey
WHEN //  September to November

Which one do you think is the best beach in Turkey? 

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