African Food: 100 Best Foods To Try

by Fay

Many people overlook the best food in Africa. However, the world is now noticing that Africa has for centuries been the place where the best food has been grown made, and enjoyed.

This is a collection of the most finger-licking good African sensations that we have compiled from all over Africa. This is your go-to guide for the 100 Best African foods that you must try!

1. Couscous, Morocco

Couscous, Morocco

ManyAafrican countries are known for Couscous but it majestically tops the Moroccan food list. My first time trying this African dish was in Morocco and honestly, I was impressed. In Morocco, Couscous is sometimes referred to as the Couscous with 7 veggies. An authentic Couscous should include 7 different vegetables along with big chunks of tender meat or chicken.

2. Braai, South Africa

Braai, South Africa

The smokey vibes are always welcome in authentic South African food culture. Braai is the second most popular food in South Africa after Biryani. Braai is the South African equivalent of barbeque. However, in South Africa, Braai is not just food, it’s more like a social experience that can take hours of having a good time. Also, Braais are more frequent than a usual barbeque as South Africans love their Braais.

3. Koshari, Egypt

Koshari, Egypt

Koshari (also spelled Koshary or Kushari) is famous street food in Egypt and certainly a recommended African dish to try. Koshari is an unusual combination of different ingredients including lentils, macaroni, noodles, rice, spicy tomato sauce, garbanzo beans, and fried onions.

4. Piri Piri Chicken, Mozambique

Piri Piri Chicken, Mozambique

Piri Piri chicken is a spicy chicken dish native to Mozambique but commonly found in other former Portuguese colonies such as Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. This mouthwatering chicken dish was first introduced to Mozambique by the Portuguese settlers that make the Piri Piri special sauce (Chili Powder sauce). The chicken is marinated in Peri-Peri Sauce then grilled or baked.

5. Bunny chow, South Africa

Bunny Chow, South Africa

Originated from the large Indian community in Durban city, Bunny Chow is a bread bowl (hollowed-out loaf of bread) filled with chicken or mutton curry. Bunny is a famous South African street food.

6. Tibs, Ethiopia

Tibs, Ethiopia

Tibs is an Ethiopian staple food. This super delicious African meal is made of sauteed meat in Niter Kibbe (Ethiopian clarified butter), with vegetables, herbs, and local hot spices. It’s commonly served with Injera, the national food in Ethiopia.

7. Beryani, South Africa

Biryani, South Africa

The South African Indian dish is loved by many around the world. Biryani also spelled Breyani has developed in many ways over the years, to the degree that it has become quite different from its Indian relative. The South African Biryani is a hearty mix of steamed Basmati rice, meat, masala spices, vegetables (mostly potatoes), and boiled eggs. Delicious!!

8. Seffa, Morocco

Seffa, Morocco

Seffa is a well-loved Moroccan dish by people of all ages. Usually served in special celebrations such as weddings, Seffa is made of steamed vermicelli with butter, then flavored with blanched almonds, raisins, icing sugar, and cinnamon. Other variations of Seffa can be found such as Seffa Medfouna which includes buried chicken inside.

9. Shakshuka, Tunisia

Shakshuka, Tunisia

The hearty eggs and tomato sauce is one of Africa’s must-try dishes. It’s thought that Shakshura has originated in Tunisia but it’s well known in many other North African and Middle Eastern countries. Shakshuka can be a great vegetarian dish as it’s mostly made of tomatoes, onions, peppers, and eggs seasoned with paprika, cumin, and garlic. Very simple but surprisingly delicious! Check out how to make Chakchouka in 30 minutes.

10. Injera, Ethiopia

Injera, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is my second favorite African country for food after Morocco. The Ethiopian dish Injera is named after the spongy flatbread used for gripping the food placed on it. A variety of stews, vegetables, and salads are placed on a large piece of Injera bread and guests use their right hands to tear portions of the injera with food. Injera is traditionally served with Doro Wat and Saga Wat.

11. Jollof rice, Nigeria

A one-pot African dish, Jollof rice is rich and incredibly tasty! Made from scratch with rice, tomatoes, pimento peppers, tomato paste, scotch bonnet, onions, and spices – it is one of the most popular Nigerian dishes.

12. Fufu, Ghana

This dish is a staple in West and Central Africa but it’s originated specifically in Ghana. The finished fufu product can be served with soup, stew, or sauce. It’s so easy to make, and can be on your table in about 15 minutes!

13. Thieboudienne, Senegal

Thieboudiennel, the famous fish and rice dish is considered to be the national dish of Senegal, it is made with layers of vegetables, smoked fish, and a secret spice called Netetou.

14. Egusi Soup, Nigeria

Egusi soup is another staple in West African culture. Typically served with pounded yams, it’s one of the versatile dishes with many delicious variations.

15. Harira, Morocco

Zesty and fragrant, this tomato-based soup is seasoned with ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and a ton of fresh herbs. This Moroccan dish is a must-try! Don’t forget to soak the chickpeas overnight!!

16. Matoke, Uganda

Matoke is a curry banana mash dish that boasts a combination of flavors from spicy, tangy, and buttery to flavorsome. Plus. all it takes is about 20 minutes of prep!

17. Lentil Sambusas, Ehtiopia

You’ve likely tried samosa before, but have you tried Ethiopian Samosas? Savory and mouth-watering are two words that describe this snack or appetizer. Picture a flaky crust enveloping minced beef, spices, and vegetables, all warmed to perfection! I don’t think it can get any better than that!

18. Nyama Choma (Grilled Meat), Kenya

If you’ve been to Kenya, then you probably know that any gathering is a reason to serve up some Nyama Choma. Nyama Choma is simply goat meat smothered in a special blend of spices and grilled up to perfection.

19. Ugali (Cornmeal Porridge), Zambia

Made with just cornmeal and water, Ugali is the perfect accompaniment to stews, soups, and curries – allowing you to soak it all up to the very last drop!

20. Cachupa, Cape Verde

Cachupa is the most cherished dish of Cape Verde. A rich stew made with hominy (ground corn), seasoned meats, and vegetables, this dish is versatile, and you can add different types of meats, vegetables, and spices!

21. Milk Tart (Melktert), South Africa

A delicate and decadent dessert, South African Milk Tart is a traditional South African treat! Made with a flaky crust and topped with cinnamon, you’ll love just how creamy each bite is! Serve it up for dessert or with a warm cup of tea!

22. Kitfo, Ethiopia

Kitfo is like a hamburger and filled with spices. Trust me you’ll want to try this. It’s one of the most praised foods in Ethiopia that is stunning to the taste buds. When made right, this dish will literally melt in your mouth!

23. Kapenta, Zimbabwe

Kapenta is a much-loved source of protein for the lakeside populations of Zambia and Zimbabwe. Kapenta is a very tasty small type of fish and in Zimbabwe, it can be served fried and stewed with tomatoes. Like many African dishes, Kapenta is often accompanied by a mountain of delicious maize porridge, known in Zimbabwe as Sadza.

24. Chicken Muamba, Angola

This delicacy is an extremely popular food in central Africa but it’s also known to be Angola’s national dish. Chicken Muamba is a spicy stew made with palm oil or palm butter, garlic, chilis, and okra. Being so rich and spicy, chicken Muamba is a good accompaniment to central African porridges such as Ugali.

25. Pilau, Zanzibar

Pilau, Zanzibar

Pilau in Zanzibar is a humble variation of the Indian Biryani dish. Pilau is a one-pot rice dish that can incorporate meat and seafood while generously spiced with cardamom, cumin, and pepper. The Pilau is usually accompanied by kachumbari, the famous African tomato, and onion salad.

26. Ogbono Soup, Nigeria

Ogbono Soup, Nigeria

Ogbono soup is a Nigerian dish made with ground dry Ogbono seeds that grow in Southern Nigeria. The Ogbono seeds are very important to this African soup as they are used as a thickener and give the soup a black coloration. Besides the seeds, water, and palm oil, the soup contains meat and/or fish, vegetable, and seasonings such as chili pepper.

27. Shiro Wat, Ethiopia

Shiro Wat, Ethiopia

Shiro is a staple vegetarian dish in Ethiopian cuisine. It’s basically a stew made from ground dried chickpeas or broad beans and various spices. The chickpeas give the stew a beautiful texture and nutty flavor. The thick textured stew is always served with traditional sour flatbread or injera, with a host of other vegetarian dishes.

28. Sfenj, Morocco

29. Maafe Stew, Mali

30. Baghrir, Morocco

31. Vetkoek, South Africa

32. Mechouia Salad, Tunisia

33. Kebda Chermoula, Algeria

34. Ful medames, Egypt

35. Rechta, Algeria

36. Chicken Rfissa, Morocco

37. Pinotage, South Africa

38. Mchicha, Tanzania

39. Eba, Nigeria

40. Kulwa, Eritrea

41. Fit-fit, Ethiopia

42. Hawawshi, Egypt

43. Koeksister, South Africa

44. Waakye, Ghana

45. Bessara, Morocco

46. Fricassee, Tunisia

47. Afang Soup, Nigeria

48. Kafteji, Tunisia

49. Domoda, Gambia

50. Bazin, Lybia

51. Poulet DG, Cameroon

52. Wali wa kukaanga, Kenya

53. Alloco, Ivory Coast

54. Namibian venison, Namibia

55. Muamba de Galinha, Angola

56. Chipsi mayai, Tanzania

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