by Fay

Hey there!

We are Fatima and Faheem, a Moroccan girl and a South African guy holding two green passports. We are neither seasoned travelers nor full-time hobos. We are two regular people who are just beginning our travel experiences together. One of the passions we both share is our love for travel.

This interest began before we met, fell in love and got married. Now that we are together, we are ready to explore the world together. Our focus on travel began out of a long-standing argument about which country is the best holiday destination in Africa.

I always argued in favor of the northern tip of Africa, a place diverse and colorful with centuries of cultural heritage, Morocco. My husband, Faheem, on the other hand, would counter-argue that South Africa is the most beautiful place on earth. Thus, we called it a tie until we were both able to show the other why our country is the best in Africa, if not the world. The experiences in this blog are the collections of our trips through South Africa and Morocco.

The idea for this blog is to begin our travel experience at home. We have re-visited some of the most amazing places from our childhood and other unexplored destinations in our home countries to give you our unique perspectives and travel hacks.

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

~Andre Gide


In pursuing our journey, we decided to start this blog Cape to Casa: to document and share our own personal living/travel experiences from South Africa, Morocco; to Inspire people to visit these two beautiful countries, give them opinions, and valuable information from a local source for a better experience. For us traveling more means planning more… that why our blog Cape to Casa will definitely help you plan yours.

Also, our blog provides more personal stories about us trying to reach the goal of traveling the world with our green passports showing our failures and success so you can learn from our travel-rookie mistakes

Our travel style

We have our travel style built on comfort and adventure, Discovery, and culture. It doesn’t matter how you travel, being comfortable is important. We are not big-time budget travelers (we don’t hitch-hike or sleep in random strangers’ homes) but we do like to save by planning our trips. but what really matters for us is trying new things; experiencing other cultures and create lifelong memories to laugh about for years.

What is all about?

Our blog posts include the following topics

  • Visit Morocco/South Africa – Our home countries and why you should visit
  • Inspiration – posts about specific destinations, where to go, what to do.
  • Stories – our own personal stories a mix of bad and good experiences.
  • Travel Guides – Travel Advice, tips, tricks and everything you need need to know about a specific destination
  • Review – Personal opinion about places we’ve visited that impressed us in a good or bad way

Meet Fatima

Fatimazahra (aka Fay) was born and raised along the foothills of the Atlas mountains in central Morocco, in the heartland of the indigenous Amazigh peoples. She is an engineer by profession but nowadays spends most of her time traveling and writing about travel and food. 

She is somewhat of a polyglot, having picked up several languages over the years. She has attained the mastery of full proficiency in Arabic, French, and English. She has also become a competent Turkish speaker due to the long time she spent living in Turkey.

She’s an avid reader and Moroccan tea drinker, no surprise. Her vision of Cape to Casa is that it should be an informative and yet practical guide of everything you need to know about traveling and living in Morocco.

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