by Fatimazahra Oukhouya


Welcome to my world! My name is Fatima. I am a Moroccan girl holding a green passport that takes me nowhere. The solution? I travel and explore my own country, Morocco. I am neither a seasoned traveler nor a full-time hobo. I am a regular person holding a huge passion for discovery and wonder.

This interest began before I met my South African husband. Now that we are together, we spend our free time and yearly vacation exploring the places we can, including Morocco.

Our focus on Morocco travel began out of a long-standing argument about which country is the best holiday destination in Africa. I always argued in favor of the northern tip of Africa, a place diverse and colorful with centuries of cultural heritage, Morocco. And that’s how Cape to Casa was born.

The experiences in this blog are collections of our trips through Morocco. The idea is to share my life experience and knowledge about Morocco and help travelers make the right decisions when it comes to planning their trips.

My travel style

Our travel style is built on comfort and adventure, discovery, and culture. It doesn’t matter how you travel, being comfortable is important.

My husband and I are not big-time budget travelers (we don’t hitch-hike or sleep in random strangers’ homes) but we do like to save by planning our trips. What really matters for us is trying new things, experiencing other cultures, and creating lifelong memories to laugh about for years.


Cape to Casa documents and shares our own personal living/travel experiences from Morocco; to Inspire people to visit this beautiful country, and give them opinions, and valuable information from a local source for a better experience.

For me, traveling more means planning more… that is why our blog Cape to Casa will definitely help you plan yours.

What is it all about?

Our blog posts include the following topics

  • Visit Morocco–I write about my home country and why you should visit
  • Inspiration – Posts about specific destinations in Morocco, where to go, and what to do.
  • Stories – My personal stories are a mix of bad and good experiences. What to go for and what to avoid.
  • Travel Guides – Travel Advice, tips, tricks and everything you need need to know about Morocco
  • Review – Personal opinion about places I’ve visited in Morocco that influenced me in a good or bad way

Happy travels!

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